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Dear Real Church family,

We are so excited about our return to ‘in-person’ gatherings this coming Sunday, June 21st. It will be so good to see you all!

The building renovations have now largely been completed (an ‘extra comfy’ brand new seat is waiting just for you!) The exterior landscaping is still to be done, but we are in the final stages of receiving quotes and choosing a contractor. We are also planning future projects such as renovating the bathrooms and resurfacing the carpark.

While it will be exciting to be together again, things will undoubtedly be a little different, so the first service or two may not be as ‘normal’ or exactly as we might have hoped!

In light of that, here’s a few key points to consider:

SAFETY – We will be following the Government protocols for Covid-19 safety. This involves limiting the total number of attendees to 100 people (which won’t be a problem!) In addition, we have thoroughly cleaned the building and will ensure all hard surfaces, door handles, tables etc., have been wiped down before you arrive. There will be hand sanitiser readily available (in addition to the usual hand washing facilities). We have submitted to the Government’s Covid-19 Safe Practice and will display the appropriate certificate.

CONTACT TRACING – Please arrive 15 minutes before the service if possible. As per the government’s request, we will be collecting the name and a contact phone number for each person attending. (We’re sure most of you have already encountered this elsewhere!)

CHAIRS – Our comfy new chairs have been arranged to allow 1.5sqm for each person as per social distancing guidelines. Please feel free to draw them together if you are sitting as a family or you are from the same household.

NO CONTACT – While it may be tempting to  want to hug or shake someone’s hand, we have made a blanket decision to limit physical contact for now. This will ensure that those who still feel a little uneasy about physical contact will be at ease.

COMMUNION – To limit any issues with food handling we will be using pre-filled individual communion wafer and juice sets. These will be made available to you as you sign in. For many of us this is a break with tradition, so we ask you to be patient, gracious and more importantly to not be distracted from the real meaning and power of the communion elements!

FOOD – Following on from above, we will not be serving food or coffee after the service this week. We will review this week by week and return to normal as soon as possible. Would you please be understanding with this too – and feel free to stay a little while after church to reconnect and encourage one another.

ONLINE – For those of you that still feel unsure about a return to church, please know that we fully understand! We know that not everyone will feel ready to return to ‘in person’ gatherings at this time – and that’s okay! And just so you don’t miss out, we will continue to put the weekly messages on YouTube and Facebook. Don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s any way we can help you with this.

Whew! Now that’s out of the way, can we say again how excited we are to finally see you all again! Let’s fill the building with praise, fellowship and joy!

See you Sunday!

God bless,


Real Church Elders & Leadership Team


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